Riley P. Dog Park (formerly the Padre Island Dog Park)
Riley P. Dog Park (formerly the Padre Island Dog Park)

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  • April 16 at 10 at POA


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Pup Pal of the Month











Meet Merlin, a 15-year old Bichon who likes to take naps after dinner.  Awwww, a puppy after my own heart!  No doubt owners Jack and Linda Sharlow are just as smitten with this little bundle of adorableness.  Thanks for sharing!!!


Send in your pup photo so we can showcase your 4-legged baby (with your & their name).

Join us Apr 16 at 10:00 at poa

Help shape the future of the park by participating in this crucial meeting to "bring in new blood" to continue the work that the current Board has so tirelessly pursued over these past 4 years.  If we are to accomplish the dream of a safe, sanitary, and inviting dog park for our companions, more of us need to put on the yoke and harness to take on the burden they have carried for so long.  


Included here for your information are the current roles and responsibilities of the Board of Directors. 


Dog Park Board of Directors Roles & Responsibilities



• Purpose of this group is to take responsibility for managing a non-profit organization dedicated to opening and maintaining a dog park on the island
• This will be accomplished through regular, monthly meetings and working through various tasks and reporting results back to the group as a whole.
• Members are expected to prepare for and attend meetings, to bring questions and insight, to support the majority vote and act as an advocate 



• Help board remain focused 
• Plan and run meetings
• Act as spokesperson
• Oversee all organizational needs 
▪ Ensure remain in good standing, according to 501c3 
▪ Update Secretary of State as needed with new info
▪ Financial aspects
▪ Legal and ethical issues
Online presence
▪ Website
▪ Facebook
Fundraising efforts
▪ Brick pavers
▪ Go Fund Me
▪ Events 
▪ Sponsorships 



• Backup the president as needed
• Manage various committee leaders & provide status updates to board
Currently PIDOG
IE: marketing or fundraising



• Manage all financial components
Bank account at Frost
PayPal account
Tracking donations
• Provide status report to board every month



• Record and save meeting minutes 
• Be aware of previous decisions / history and reference as needed
• Serve on a committee



Things are shifting and we want to keep the public aware.  


Please join us April 2nd from 10-12pm at the Seashore Gym on Encantada for more information.  The direction of the park depends on our supporters showing up - so you'll want to be there!

Things are shifting and we want to keep the public aware.  Please join us April 2nd from 10-12pm at the Seashore Gym for more information.  The direction of the park depends on our supporters showing up - so you'll want to be there!



A recent PI DOG trip to the German Bakery resulted in happy pups and people :-)


From left to right, here we have Bonnie, Skye, Sadie, Maggie & Ranger waiting patiently for their owners on the back deck - which you can see is dog friendly!


Thanks to the German Baker for creating a dog patio...thanks to Lynn Edler who hosted the event and thanks to the PI DOG members that came out to socialize!


For more info on joining PI DOG, visit the tab above to see the calendar and contact info.  Till then, we hope you and your fur baby enjoy the rest of the summer!

ROCK the 1st riley p dog park t-shirt!

Oh yeah...many have asked and now it's arrived:


our very first Riley P. Dog Park t-shirt!!!


* Show your enthusiasm for getting a dog park on the island!

* Help us raise money, but more importantly...
* Be our human billboard & show everyone it's coming!
* Stay cool in a white t-shirt for the summer!



You can get your own at the POA office on the island during regular business hours.  If that's not convenient, I'm sure we can arrange something - just let us know how we can help :)


* POA address: 14015 Fortuna Bay Drive

* POA phone: 949-7025

engraved entrance pavers 4 sale

It's here!  Your opportunity to memorialize a loved pet by name or your child's artistic rendition or simply show your support from your self or business by purchasing a brick paver for the walkway to our upcoming dog park.


Not only can you get a paver for our park - but you can order a replica for your home, garden, or business that will be shipped directly to you!


Check it out here.

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