Riley P. Dog Park (formerly the Padre Island Dog Park) Riley P. Dog Park (formerly the Padre Island Dog Park)  

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Upcoming FundRaising Events:

  • Sept 5 5:30-9pm First Friday Artwalk

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  • Sept 5 5:30-9pm First Friday Artwalk
  • Sept 20 @ 9am: walk at Billish

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Pup Pal of the Month











Here's another pic of Riley P. Dog at the last Barefoot Mardi Gras parade.  Looks like he was hoping for a hot's believing he's got all the hot dogs he can eat now!!!


Send in your pup photo so we can showcase your 4-legged baby (with your & their name).

engraved entrance pavers 4 sale

It's here!  Your opportunity to memorialize a loved pet by name or your child's artistic rendition or simply show your support from your self or business by purchasing a brick paver for the walkway to our upcoming dog park.


Not only can you get a paver for our park - but you can order a replica for your home, garden, or business that will be shipped directly to you!


Check it out here.


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our mission

To establish a fenced-in, off-leash dog park where well-behaved canines and citizens can exercise and socialize in a clean safe environment without endangering or annoying people, property or wildlife; to develop a beautiful, well-maintained space, open to all dog lovers and friends who are willing to uphold the park's rules and restrictions; to view this park as a community project, in partnership with the city of Corpus Christi, designed to satisfy the neeeds of dog-owners and non-dog owners alike.

While our immediate goal is to raise funds to create, maintain and improve a spacious off-leash dog park on Padre Island, we also hope to make this park more than just a fenced off field.


We are committed to working with the public and local officials to ensure that the park is a benefit to everyone and to educate them about dog-related issues and the value of off-leash recreation.


We seek respectful, enlightened co-existence with other park users through properly supervising and maintaining appropriate conduct of dogs off-leash.


We do not see our function ending with the implementation of an off-leash dog park for our community; we intend to participate in monitoring the facility for cleanliness and safety, hosting events to educate the general public on a variety of dog related topics from dog park etiquette to behavioral issues, and managing ongoing maintenance through regular volunteer efforts as well as professional services.



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